kristen holland | owner + creative director

I’m Kristen, an adventure junkie who gets way to excited about fonts, color palettes and WordPress themes. My freelance career was born from a desire to merge passion and career while providing clients quality design solutions. I’m back in Austin Texas after three years in Silicon Valley so I have a *strong* appreciation for live music, great food and the beach.

The mission of Mint Pacific is to provide fresh, creative and innovative design solutions for businesses and individuals. The end result being a powerful connection between your brand and it’s target audience.

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Working With Me

How long have you been in business?

I started Freelancing on the side in 2007 for friends and family who knew I had a passion for Graphic Design. In 2008 I took a full-time position doing Graphic Design and Event Organization. I officially took the leap to freelancing from home part-time in 2010 after my daughter was born. Outside of social media posts I don’t advertise on any platforms, and it’s been wonderful watching watching my business grow based solely on referrals from my clients.

What is your specialty?

I specialize in Branding and Print Materials. I love helping businesses give their brand a voice through an eye catching logo and color scheme. I also love putting together marketing materials and merchandise for those clients as well.

I love coding (HTML and CSS) but have limited time so helping build clients WordPress Websites came naturally to me.

What does the Branding process look like?
Over the years I’ve found what process work for my clients and which one do not. It was important to me early on to bring value to my clients. It’s not just about releasing a logo and sending an invoice. It’s about a thoughtful process that enables the client to reach their audience. My process looks like this:

Phase 1: Discovery
This is where we define the project scope, begin to put your ideas to paper, and set project goals. This includes a conversation either by phone or e-mail, an online questionnaire and research. 

Phase 2: Mood Board
When trying to narrow the scope of big ideas, a mood board is a fantastic resource. With it we can bring together a lot of ideas, feelings and color palettes that are central to your design that are difficult to communicate verbally. It serves as a great foundation to build the creative process from.  

Phase 3: Creative + Client Feedback
This is the exciting phase where your brand begins to take shape. Clients receive first, second and sometimes third round mock ups, offer feedback and finalize the artwork. 

Phase 4: Final Files + Branding Board
Final files of the brand are created for various platforms and a branding board is built that includes brand guildlines, artwork, fonts and color palettes. You can view a branding board example by clicking here. 

What do people most like about working with you?

As much as I value quality work and great design, communication and meeting deadlines is second nature to me from my of journalism years. I communicate with my clients throughout the process with updates and value the deadlines we’ve set to launch their project.

What is your turnaround time?

One of the first questions I ask a potential clients is “What is your deadline for this project?” I typically book out my work 1-2 weeks in advance so I’m not juggling too many projects and can give each client the quality work and attention they deserve. As often as possible, I work to meet client deadlines but occasionally have to turn away a project if a client has an unrealistic deadline.

I do offer rushed services at an additional 25% added to the hourly rate.

What happens if your customers aren’t happy with the work you provided?

With any creative work – every once in awhile there is a project that just doesn’t work out. In my eight years, I can count on one hand how many times this has happened. But, in an effort to protect the investment of my client and myself, I require a project deposit prior to the start date. If, by some odd chance, we can’t successfully complete the project, I only bill for the time we’ve spent and not the entire project. However, satisfied clients keep my business running so I will always go above to prevent a project being cut short due to creative differences.

What are your payment terms?

My complete payment terms can be viewed here. The gist of it is:

  • My hourly rate is $65/hr. I also have many packages available.
  • A deposit (usually one-half for a smaller project and one-third for a larger project) is required prior to project start to a) secure your place on my calendar and b) protect your investment and my time investment.
  • Payment in full must be received in full upon project completion and prior to files being released. Clients with on-going work will be billed monthly.
  • For rushed projects, a 25% increase in the hourly rate will be included.

Clients must read full terms and digitally sign before project start.

What happens after the project is done?

Once we’ve completed your project and released all of your files, I’m available for questions or future work. I’ll also send you an email asking for a review of my service.