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I’m an adventure junkie, wife to a techie and mama to the two coolest kids I’ve ever known. I get excited about fonts, color palettes, traveling and breakfast tacos. My freelance career was born from a desire to merge my passion and my career while providing clients quality design solutions. We’re back in Austin, Texas after spending three years in Silicon Valley – so I have a *strong* appreciation for live music, great food and the beautiful hill country.

I’ve been freelancing for over 10 years for smalls businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits around the world. Whether I’m working solo or with carefully selected designers, I consult and create.

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I love what we do here at Mint Pacific. Our mission is to provide fresh, creative and innovative design solutions for businesses and individuals. The end result being a powerful connection between your brand and it’s target audience.

We specialize in Branding and Print but are also known to provide clients with web and consulting services.

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