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Branding Your Business


Branding your business is much more than simply creating a logo. A sucessful branding process will bring your message to life, connect with your target audience to create a response, and give your business an identity. Developing a strong, authentic brand and delivering it consistently to your audience is the foundation upon which every successful business is built. We’ll discover what makes you different from the competition, define who you are and what you want to be, and create a fresh, innovative brand for your business. The development of this brand will be essential to consistently delivery the right message to the right people to create the right response.

As much as I value quality work and great design, clear communication and meeting deadlines are second nature to me. I communicate with my clients throughout our project and I value the deadlines we’ve set for project launch.

In an effort to give my clients my utmost attention and the highest quality work, I only accept 3-4 projects/clients per month.

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The Details

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Phase 1: Discovery
This is where we define the project scope and set project goals. We’ll have a conversation, either by phone or e-mail, you’ll complete an online questionnaire and I’ll begin the research process.

Phase 2: Mood Board
When trying to narrow the scope of big ideas, a mood board is a fantastic resource. With it we can bring together a lot of ideas, feelings and color palettes that are central to your design that are difficult to communicate verbally. It serves as a great foundation to build the creative process from.  

Phase 3: Creative + Client Feedback
This is the exciting phase where your brand begins to take shape. Clients receive first, second and sometimes third round mock ups, offer feedback and finalize the artwork. 

Phase 4: Final Files + Branding Board
Final files of the logo are created for various platforms and a branding board is built that includes brand guildlines, artwork, fonts and color palettes. You can view a branding board example by clicking here. 

Phase 5: Web Development
Using the branding guidlines we’ve created, we build a dynamic, user-friendly website that will both promote your business while clearly communicating your message to your target audience.

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• 2-3 custom logo concepts to choose from and 2 rounds of revisions of your chosen concept.

• Final logo files for both web and print:

• Full-color logo
• Grayscale logo
• Transparent files of your logo for color backgrounds or overlays.
• Favicon or icon version of your logo
• Scaleable, vector files in .ai (Adobe Illustrator) and .eps formats.
• Vector PDF file
• Two high resolution .jpg logo files with white backgrounds.
    Both in CMYK for printing and RGB for web.

• Web site with up to 5 pages, either Squarespace or WordPress.
        Client will pay for hosting and domain registration.
• One double sided business card design and 100 premium printed cards.
• Branding Board PDF which serves as a reference of your fonts, colors and artwork.

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Running a small business has given me a passion and understanding for small business owners and entrepreneurs. I strive to bring value to my clients and that includes helping them build a successful business while staying on budget.

The  branding package costs $1800 and includes everything outlined in the What’s Included tab above.

A deposit of one half of the total project cost is required prior to project start. The remaining balance is due upon project completion when files are released to the client. I accept payments via PayPal, SquareCash and Venmo. 

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I’m always available to help create marketing materials, promo cards, brochures, etc. If you’re needing more than whats included in the basic branding package, just let me know and I can work up a personalized estimate to help meet the needs of your business.

If you’re curious to learn more about me and my branding process, please visit the “Working With Me” section on the About page or Contact Me.

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let’s get started …


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